We believe real estate will always be a relationship-based business and the foundation of our company is offering Lifetime Home Support™ allowing us to help build big, juicy legacies for our clients, our team and our community.

Lifetime Home Support™ entails being there for our clients before, during and after the home sale. Often the before and after parts of the transaction are just as important, if not MORE important, than the during.  We provide Lifetime Home Support™ through our VIP Club pillars, our One Roof Solution, and our Strategy solutions for every season of homeownership. This, combined with our expertly trained team, has allowed us to be the highest producing team in the greater Sioux Falls area and the state of South Dakota since 2017. We are ranked #18 in the United States according to Real Trends and Amy Stockberger Real Estate has been voted The Local Best since 2009.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate has a proven method to connect buyers and sellers through bold marketing and strategic advertising. Our listings sell for the highest dollar in the shortest amount of time. A distinct advantage of working with our large team is that we can find great homes for sale before they are even placed on the market. Our expertly trained specialists receive consistent training on every part of the real estate process, so our clients arrive at the finish line seamlessly.  Amy Stockberger Real Estate agents are also provided training from the nation’s #1 real estate educator, Tom Ferry.

Our Lifetime Home Support™ model includes our all-inclusive VIP Club (where our clients get free access for life!) simply by buying or selling one time with us. Our VIP Club includes free use of our two 15-foot moving trucks, enclosed trailer and flatbed trailer, and access to all of our moving supplies (like boxes, appliance dolly’s, and labels). Clients also get access to our party and tool equipment. Our party equipment includes items like banquet tables and chairs, commercial grade food warmers, bouncy houses, cotton candy, snow cone, popcorn, and hot dog machines, and more. Our tool equipment includes wheelbarrows, ladders, extendable tree branch trimmers, tools for projects and home maintenance, and more. Things that homeowners normally need to buy, rent or store, our clients gain access to these items for free for life.

Another perk Amy Stockberger Real Estate offers in their VIP Club is their online discount center. The discounts range from 25%-85% off at over 100,000 retailers, including name brands like Nike, Verizon and Wal-Mart. Clients can save nearly $5,300 annually and get cash back on all purchases.

We also know that our clients need many different services and products throughout the many stages of homeownership, so we created our Home Support Team partners program. Our Home Support Team partners are local reputable businesses that range from contractors, to HVAC technicians, to carpet cleaners, to furniture stores, event venues, and so many more industries. They offer our clients not only legendary care like we do, but also preferential treatment and oftentimes, preferential pricing.

Our clients also get free office services for life, too. This gives them access to our training and conference rooms, free notary services, and free color printing and scanning services. We also offer real estate services access to the highest producing teams around the world.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate even had custom software created for our clients, giving them a one-stop-shop to access all our VIP Club pillars easily, as well as seamlessly reserve all of our fabulous VIP Club equipment.

With our enhanced building, we make real estate transactions easier than ever. Not only do we have an in-house lender & insurance agent, but also in-house closing options, an interior designer, builder, property management company and climate-controlled storage units right in the building (and our clients get one month FREE!). We make your life easier by having everything you need under One Roof.

We are system centric. There is a system and strategy for each step to ensure repeatable excellence each time and we are intentional about following those systems and strategies to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to buying and selling a home and a lot of humans are involved in the process. Humans are innately risky. When you add a big-ticket item, such as buying or selling real estate, as well as high emotions during a very exciting or at times a sad time in their life, it can allow a lot of room for error.  Plus, there are a lot of hands in the transaction. One of the reasons we have stayed at the top of our industry is because we have systemized the process. Our systems are living, breathing entities that we are constantly looking at and perfecting each and every day to ensure repeatable excellence is our standard.

We run our brokerage as a Team-erage model, not the standard brokerage model. This allows our staff and agents to soar in their unique talents so they can flow at their optimal level, not being pushed into talks that don’t let them operate at their highest vibrations.

Communication cubed – what that means to us is communication, communication, communication. Much like the golden rule in real estate Location, Location, Location, we feel Communication3 is equally important and over-communication is the standard at Amy Stockberger Real Estate.

Adjusting the expectations for the process of buying and selling leads to happy, prepared, and stress-free clients. One of the ways we practice Communication3 is through what we call our “seasons of the contract” video. During each big season of the contract, our expert agents will walk our clients through the process and our clients are followed up with another video to ensure their expectations have been adjusted and met for the road that lies ahead.

Out of the box is our comfort zone. We offer bold marketing and unique advertising. Whether it comes from a plane flying overhead, our beautiful 3 screened LED digital billboard truck or our unique value propositions we have created to meet buyers and sellers at each stage of homeownership. By being Boldly Unique, we offer exclusive, cutting edge & unique value propositions, like our Love It Or Leave Guarantee, our Trade Up Program, our Guaranteed Sales Program, Instant Offer Program, Seller Operation Support Program, Golden Age Guided Move Program or our Lease Buy Out Program. And we are so sure of our services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy, you can cancel your listing or buyer exclusivity contracts-no questions asked.

Success and self-development only exist in tandem, not one without the other. We are not afraid to try new things and pivot based on the results. One of our superpowers is not living in fear of failure. We have Ph.D.’s in failing forward. We don’t lose, we learn. Thomas Edison is quoted saying, “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

I have lived by the motto that if it isn’t a little bit scary it likely isn’t worth your time and love the saying, “Feel the fear but do it anywhere.” Our ability to pick up market share in times of uncertainty when our competitors are frozen in fear has helped us scale tremendously. Constantly researching, learning, growing both professionally and personally is what makes us different. We are not complacent, we will never be complacent, and continuous improvement is the only option.

Our entire team leads with a servant’s heart. We give a portion of every closing to The Sioux Falls Area CASA program. CASA’s goal is to promote and protect the best interests of abused and neglected children through trained community volunteers.  We also allow free use of our moving truck and party and tool shed to non-profits, volunteer our time and skills regularly and offer public service employee discounts.

Our core values are not just words to us, it is the way we are wired. Being relationship based, offering repeatable excellence, with a communication philosophy, standing out from competition and allowing our team to flow at their optimal levels with our boldly unique strategies, while being driven by continuous improvement allows us to create big, juicy legacies for our clients, agents, and staff. This allows us to serve at the highest level and will always keep us at the top of industry.

We have helped thousands of individuals sell their houses and/or find the home of their dreams, and we take great pride in earning our clients’ trust and confidence.

We are System Centric, Client Focused with a goal of being Your Lifetime Home Support team.

If you are thinking about getting into real estate, contact us about our Written Offer Guarantee by following our proven Stockberger Success Strategies and get more information on how we can help build your legacy.

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