I was enamored with the book “The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly a few years ago and it inspired me to explore how its ideas could benefit local businesses. The book, published in 2007, presents the idea that there is a talent shortage that will only become more pronounced over time, and that happy employees are both happier and more productive than unhappy ones. Kelly argues that the disengagement of employees is the single biggest factor impacting morale, efficiency, productivity, growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability. He suggests that companies should prioritize finding and nurturing talent, just like a football coach does, since this will determine the success of the business.

The author argues that companies should create an environment that helps employees become the best version of themselves, which will in turn help the company become the best version of itself. However, attracting, engaging, and retaining talent is becoming increasingly difficult due to factors such as low unemployment rates, competition, and the rising costs of attracting and retaining employees. Furthermore, as millennials make up an increasingly larger portion of the workforce, traditional monetary incentives may not be as effective. 

With these challenges in mind, I developed a solution as a small business owner of several local startups. I created a Corporate Partnership program to help companies attract, engage, and retain talent, while also saving them money on company outings, advertising campaigns, wellness plans, and products and services from local and national brands. This program is offered for free and requires no extra work from the company’s staff. If you’re interested in learning more or setting up a meeting with my Business Development team, please contact us. 

Corporate Partnerships