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Our goal is to be Your Lifetime Home Support™, which is why we created The Amy Stockberger Real Estate  VIP Club. Buy or sell a home with us and you have a FREE lifetime membership!

The VIP Club consists of free use of our TWO MOVING TRUCKS & 2 trailers and moving supplies (including boxes), access to our specialty tools (including wheel barrows, ladders, commercial grade paint sprayers and more), our party equipment (including bouncy houses, banquet tables, cotton candy machines, hot dog machines, commercial grade food warmers and more).  Access to our all-inclusive BenefitHub discount center giving you 85%-25% off at over 100,000 name brands at your favorite retailers (like Nike, Verizon & Wal-Mart). We also have a dedicated Home Support Team partners full of reputable businesses right here in Sioux Falls that can help you with all the stages of homeownership, including Contractors, HVAC Techs, Electricians, Carpet Cleaners and more.  We also added a Moving Concierge to handle all your address change & utility transfer assistance, as well as limitless use of office services & referral services to other high producing real estate teams across the Unites States. 

Below is an example of some of the items we have on hand, but our inventory of useful items has grown extensively. We are adding items all the time, so if there is something you are in need of, contact us and we will get you set up! or 605-376-6780.

Moving Supplies

  • 2 Moving trucks
  • Enclosed trailer
  • Flat bed trailer
  • Boxes
  • Appliance dolly
  • Hand truck (dolly)
  • Moving blankets
  • Tape roller dispenser (tape not included)
  • Moving box labels

In-House Climate Controlled Storage Units

  • One Month Free for Active Clients
  • Climate Controlled Varied Sized Units
  • Security Surveillance
  • Easy Interstate Access
  • And more

Party Supplies

  • Banquet tables and chairs for events
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Commercial grade food warmer
  • 10 x 10 canopy
  • Popcorn cart
  • Volleyball game
  • Hot dog cart
  • Bounce house
  • Snow-cone cart
  • Fondue fountain
  • Beverage cart
  • And more

Tools/Landscaping/Home Improvement

  • Commercial paint sprayer
  • Pruning shears (for high branches)
  • Ladders
  • Fertilizer sprayer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Hand truck (appliance dolly)
  • Leaf blower
  • Power drill
  • Free garage sale signs
  • Bolt cutters
  • And more

Home Support Team

  • We are our clients’ Lifetime Home Support Team. Taking care of you before, during and after the home sale.
  • Our HST partners save you time and money.
    • A group of reputable businesses, highly recommended, trustworthy and right in our own backyards, that care about you and your home as if it were their own.
    • For more information about our Home Support Team Partners click here!

Lifetime Home Support Software

  • Custom All-Inclusive VIP Club One-Stop-Shop
  • Easily view & Rent All VIP Club Equipment
  • Easily Access Our Home Support Team Partners
  • Easily Access Our Discount Marketplace
  • Easily Access Our Private VIP Club Facebook Page
  • Easily Stay Up To Date On Client Events & New Additions To Our VIP Club

Office Services

  • Free notary
  • Free scanning services
  • Free black & white photo copies
  • Free market rent analysis
  • Free real estate market review and analysis
  • Free referral to real estate services in any part of the US
  • Free referral to other professional services (insurance, tax, legal, financial advisory)
  • And more

Moving Concierge

We have a Moving Concierge to help our clients seamlessly forward their address, update mailing address for accounts and subscriptions, assist with utility hook ups, update drivers license and more!

  • Forward your mail with the post office
  • Notifies businesses and accounts about your address change
  • Assist with the transfer of utilities
  • Sends digital moving announcements to friends and family
  • And more

For more information on how we can be your Lifetime Home Support Team send us a quick message

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*Loyalty program to be used upon availability & Broker's discretion.