Why Curb Appeal Is Important for Selling Your Home


The Importance of Curb Appeal in Sioux Falls, SD

Have you ever imagined a beautiful house that appears warm and welcoming with its lush lawn, blooming flowers, and bright paint? We bet you have. Homes for sale in Sioux Falls have a wide variety of architectural styles and shapes, but all of them benefit from curb appeal.

Now, what if this beautiful house and another, comparable one with a patchy front yard, peeling paint, and aging roof were up for sale in South Dakota? Which one do you think would garner the higher offer?

You guessed right—the more welcoming home! While the median home price in the Sioux Empire is still affordable for many, good curb appeal shows the value of each buyer's dollar in a different way.

Homes For Sale In Sioux Falls Most Popular Neighborhoods Benefit From Curb Appeal

The most popular neighborhoods in Sioux Falls with the best schools, the homes in these neighborhoods tend to have a more manicured look to them.

While property types vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, in terms of age, size, and other factors, SD homes are largely judged by their exterior, first.

Exterior First Impressions

If you are listing your home for sale in Sioux Falls, keep in mind that the aesthetic look of a house’s exterior gives homebuyers their first impression of a property before they inquire further. A virtual tour of the exterior may also appeal to some buyers.

Sellers and buyers do not look at a house the same way. Most buyers choose whether to look inside a home or pass by it within seconds based on its curb appeal.

Curb Appeal Matters In Online Search, Too

When future buyers search online, they also have the same reaction to properties with photos that don't reflect a lot of curb appeal.

Single family homes are especially dependent on their curb appeal for their home value, because the owner is most likely responsible for most or all improvements to the house.

Tips For You On Curb Appeal From Amy Stockberger Real Estate

The experts at Amy Stockberger Real Estate know that an attractive house sells more quickly. That's why we've put together a list of curb appeal tips to help you sell your home.

Defining Curb Appeal in Sioux Falls

Curb appeal is a simple term used to describe the aesthetic appeal of a home from the sidewalk. It is a combination of all the attention-grabbing features that make a house look its best on the exterior.

Curb Appeal is another expense for sellers that pays back in the home sale. Various inexpensive tasks can improve the curb appeal of your place, for example, a fresh coat of paint, clean landscaping, swapping out small things like old light fixtures, fixing or replacing shutters, etc.

Why is curb appeal important when selling a house?

Make a Lasting First Impression

Buyers' connection with a house builds in the first moments and we all understand the importance of first impressions. South Dakota has all four seasons and people love to enjoy each one in its own way. Our houses are also the exterior impression we give to our neighbors and friends.

Neighborhood Pride

Residents in just about any of the popular neighborhoods are bound to notice any exterior changes and feel pride in their neighborhood from your efforts.

Therefore, people need to be able to see themselves enjoying the exterior of their next home as much as the interior. Homes for sale in the Sioux Falls real estate market have increased in value the last few years and as a result, homes for sale have gotten more competitive.

Online First Impressions Via Search

Furthermore, a buyer's impression of a home might come initially from an online search, where the exterior photo is usually the first image they see. If you are selling a home in Sioux Falls, you want to be mindful of the exterior first impression.

Set The Tone

Curb appeal anchors the mood for the entire walk-through of the home and if a seller fails to deliver on curb appeal it could affect the way buyers view the rest of the house.

If a seller makes a bad first impression with the house's exterior, any positive emotional response from the buyer will become an uphill battle.

Pique a Buyer's Interest in the House

It is essential to understand that buying and selling a house can be an emotional experience. Therefore, sellers must put themselves in the buyer's shoes and set the stage for producing a positive emotional response from a buyer.

Set Accurate Expectations

Hence, how a house looks on the exterior brings about expectations of what the interior will look like.

Additionally, if a homebuyer falls in love with the curb appeal of your house, most realtors will tell you that buyers may be willing to overlook a few interior drawbacks once they view the inside.

Increase the Price

Suppose your prospective buyer appreciates the curb appeal of your house.

In that case, the buyer may be more likely to buy at the initial asking price you asked for and less likely to try to negotiate on reasons that could be deal-breakers for you.

Curb appeal goes a long way in receiving the value you wish to get. It was found in a study by The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics that good curb appeal has the potential to increase a house's value by up to 7%.

Demonstrate Care for the Home

Maintenance reflects the state of a house and can make or break the house's curb appeal.

As a seller, you should maintain the exterior of your home because if the exterior looks inadequate, this could lead potential buyers to wonder what other things are being overlooked or ignored.

Draw People In On Open House Day

When an open house date comes around, the exterior presentation could turn away potential visitors based on the look of the house from the outside in certain neighborhoods, within the City of Sioux Falls or in communities around Sioux Falls, such as Harrisburg, Tea, Brandon, Hartford, and more.

Single family homes are particularly susceptible to the impression that care is equated with exterior curb appeal.

If there is a special circumstance, as in estate homes for sale, realtors will tell you that many buyers will generally offer a little leeway with exterior curb appeal if a home is part of an estate, or in popular neighborhoods, with the understanding that the home may have been vacant for a period of time.

Stand Apart From the Competition

Undoubtedly, a beautiful and eye-catching house will make a more lasting impression. If your house is welcoming with a good curb appeal, it will stand out from the other listings, which will eventually help your home stand out from the competition.

Remember that yours is not the only house that buyers are looking at. They’re most likely comparing multiple homes in the Sioux Falls area, so if your home does not stand out in a positive way, it could negatively impact the sale.

Invest in Curb Appeal

A professional real estate team like ASRE can stress the importance of curb appeal in a way that will help potential buyers see themselves living in your home for sale.

There are several ways to improve your house's curb appeal ranging from installing a popular style of light to an attractive front door, mailbox design, paint color, or even the types of flowers and so on.

Some of these smaller projects could be the key to making a buyer happy and thus, more apt to seal the deal, so spending a little time and money on curb appeal is an easy way to attract potential buyers, particularly if multiple homes are for sale in any one of the more popular neighborhoods.

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