Should I Sell My Home Vacant Or Occupied?

The short answer to whether or not you should sell your home while it is still occupied is a resounding "yes" from many real estate professionals.

Selling a vacant home can be more difficult that selling an occupied one, even in Sioux Falls, SD with a hot market. Some homebuyers see a vacant home as an invitation to make a lower offer than they would, if the house were occupied.

While the median home price includes all homes, occupied and vacant, and we've seen an increase in home values the last several years, we consistently see lower offers come in for vacant homes.

Vacant Or Occupied Home Sale: Pros and Cons On Each Side

There are pros and cons to selling both an occupied and a vacant house, but South Dakota real estate professionals, like Amy Stockberger Real Estate in Sioux Falls, know from experience that a key piece to the Sioux Falls home buying process is to get buyers to imagine themselves living in your home, your neighborhood, attending the schools, etc.

And that is easier to do when the home is occupied and furnished. In South Dakota, and Sioux Falls especially, Listings for SD homes can be competitive, even if it is a seller's market in Sioux Falls.

Here's some tips to help you succeed, whether your home is vacant or occupied, and for all property types and listings.

Selling a Vacant Home In Sioux Falls, SD

Sometimes you do not have a choice in the matter and you have to move out. You may be starting a new job out of the Sioux Falls area, or maybe you have to move in time to register your children for the school year.

If you do relocate and sell your home vacant, there are some benefits. You will not have the responsibility of keeping the house in turnkey condition for buyers, and you won’t have to leave when potential buyers show up. Home values in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas remain high.

Also, SD Real Estate agents and Realtors will find it easy to gain access because they do not have to make an appointment.

But if you do have options, it is almost always better to sell your home while you still live in it rather than trying to sell an empty, vacant house. New listings come on the market every day, and the ones that already feel like homes always get a bit more attention, more quickly.

Advantages of Selling an Occupied Home In Sioux Falls, SD

The main advantage to selling your home while it is occupied is that buyers have an easier time visualizing themselves living there. When buyers visit your home, it should tell the story of what their lifestyle will be like when they move in. Sioux Falls home buyers want to have a narrative that goes along with the house, especially in popular neighborhoods.

Single family homes are especially attractive when occupied because the inside and the outside of the home are receiving care and use. However, all home types benefit from the warmth and feeling that goes with an occupied home.

Sioux Falls Real Estate 'Show And Tell'

An occupied house shows better and it demonstrates to the buyer how furniture can fit in the space. Some Realtors recommend making your home more inviting by baking cookies and lighting a fire in the fireplace when lookers come to call—a quick and easy way of staging your home.

Highlight The Good Life In Your Location And Neighborhood

Houses in any area of the City of Sioux Falls are never very far from downtown Sioux Falls, one of the great things about living in the city limits. Falls Park and other recreational areas are popular destinations for home buyers, especially those with families or those working remote who choose Sioux Falls as their new home base.

Plant Seeds In Home Buyers Imaginations

Residents who are actively occupying their houses might choose to leave materials on the kitchen table related to the variety of activities and events that a future buyer might be interested in, within the neighborhood or beyond.

Remaining in the house when you put it on the market can also mask flaws that become painfully obvious once you move out, such as wear and tear on the floors and the need for a fresh coat of paint or other additional work. And believe it or not, furnished rooms often appear larger than empty rooms.

Additional Benefits of Selling an Occupied Home

When you are still living in your home you can handle any emergencies that might pop up unexpectedly, like a burst water pipe or a leak in the roof. If such a mishap were to occur when the home is vacant you may wind up with a mold problem on your hands.

Other needs may go unnoticed, as well. The lot still needs to be cared for, and the home still needs to be maintained on the exterior. The most popular neighborhoods see a lot of activity from homeowners continuously improving their home's exterior.

If you move to your new home before selling your previous property, you are likely to incur additional expenses like duplicate utility bills.

An occupied home can also be a deterrent to vandals who might target new listings or an empty house.

Preparing an Occupied Home for Sale In The SD Real Estate Market

Get ready to put your house on the market by decluttering and packing away personal items like trophies, photos, and other personal items that may prevent buyers from seeing themselves in your home.

Make it as appealing to a broad range of people as possible with a neutral color palette. Not everyone will like that fire engine red accent wall in the living room!

Look Good, Smell Good

Your Sioux Falls area home should not only look good, but it should smell good, too. Selling a home with pets can present a number of challenges in Sioux Falls like stains and/or odors that could quickly turn off potential buyers.

Be sure to eliminate any odor left behind by your furry friend.

Downsides To Selling While Living In Your Home

While selling an occupied house is preferable, there are some downsides to putting your house on the market while you still live there. You will have to keep the home clean and tidy, and you may have to interrupt your schedule and leave the premises when an agent shows your house to prospective buyers.

Stage Your Sioux Falls Home

Realtors and real estate agents in South Dakota know that staging can often get you a higher price by creating a good first impression.

Sellers can make potential buyers fall in love by creating vignettes around the house, showcasing what it would be like to live there.

Time To Call In A Professional?

It may be worth your while to hire a professional stager, even if your house is vacant and in need of rented furniture. Start with attractive pots of colorful flowers at the front entrance and create conversational seating areas inside.

If you want to have a professional handing the staging process, contact us! We can connect you with the best staging professionals in the state who can help you make sure your listing gets the attention it deserves.

These activities will all contribute to the sale. Experienced sellers know that there's some staging work they can do easily, and others that require more time and materials than they have available.

Place games in the entertainment space and set the dining table so it looks ready to welcome family and friends. Emphasize the fact that your house has lots of room for fun and memories and daily life. Selling to families during the school year presents its own benefits and challenges, but it can be done!

Let Amy Stockberger Real Estate Help You Sell Your Home

Whether your home is currently occupied or vacant in the Sioux Falls area, the professionals at Amy Stockberger Real Estate are here to help with years of experience and unique services like our VIP Club.

We understand the Sioux Empire real estate markets, the listings available, the neighborhoods, and the schools around the city like no other Real Estate agency in the area.

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