Best Paint Colors For Selling Your Home


Painting to Sell in Sioux Falls

After all those years of living in your house with your own décor and personal taste, you’ve decided it’s time to sell. Whether you’re living in an 80s style home with wood paneling or a contemporary style home with oak and shades of gold, everything changes when it comes time to put your house on the market in Sioux Falls, SD. Join the professionals at Amy Stockberger Real Estate as we explore which house paint colors to use and which ones to avoid when preparing your home for sale.


Painting Your Home Interior

It’s important to make your home look as neutral as possible. Your potential buyer’s need to imagine a house they can live in. White is a great option that can make spaces appear brighter, bigger, and more appealing. This paint color is always a safe choice because it not only acts as a blank canvas for buyers, but it also provides a fresh and elegant look.


Best Interior Paint Colors

Neutral paint colors are going to be your best bet as most prospective buyers are more drawn to a property they feel is move-in ready, and will best accommodate their furniture and home décor. You will want to stick to as few paint colors as possible to keep the cost down and give your home a more cohesive feeling throughout.

The best home interior colors for painting large areas are Greige, Valspar Smoked Oyster, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, Benjamin Moore Cedar Key, Sherwin-Williams Response Gray, and Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. As you can see, shades of gray are a common color that will equally appeal to both male and female buyers.


What Color Should I paint A Kitchen Or Bathroom?

If you want to add a touch of fun to the bathroom or kitchen, pale blue or neutral green are great ways to enhance these areas. Whether it’s with paint or accent pieces, these lighter colors can boost a room’s appearance without straying too far away from neutrals.


Interior Paint Colors to Avoid

To maximize the value of your home, it’s important to note which interior paint colors to avoid. Historically, bright and extreme colors are not rewarded by the housing market. Bright shades of purple, pink, and green are strong no-nos. Other interior paint colors to avoid include red and sunshine yellow. When you steer clear of paint that might turn off potential buyers it not only saves you money, but it can also expedite the sale of your home.


Exterior House Painting

It is very important that you consider the region the home is in and factor in exterior choices based on where the house is located. If you live in a Victorian style home, for example, choose shades and tones such as ochre, taupe, or russet. A home that engages well with its surrounding neighborhood will be more appealing to buyers, causing it to more likely sell quicker.


Best Exterior Paint Colors

Painting the exterior of your house is not so different from staging the interior. Greige, gray, and white are all appealing as stable exposure that isn’t likely to go out of style. These are used to give neutral impressions of the home. This can also be accompanied by contrasting accents to spice up the home and potentially increase resale value.


A Fresh Coat of House Paint Can Go a Long Way

When listing your home for sale in Sioux Falls, SD, it’s important to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. This is most likely the most expensive purchase of their life, so putting your property in the best position to sell will benefit both you and the potential buyer. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in changing the appearance of the entire house, making it look refreshed, clean, and untouched.