Buying and Selling a Home During the School Year 

Over the past year, homes in Sioux Falls, South Dakota have increased in value by 5.3%**, raising average home values in Sioux Falls to $350,000. Since the pandemic, there has been a steady influx of people seeking affordable housing and personal freedoms by moving to South Dakota.

The most prominent real estate markets in South Dakota, Sioux Falls, and Rapid City have mirrored this increase in population by building multiple new single-family homes, condos, and apartments.  If you are looking for a home for sale in Sioux Falls, things are looking good.

Why Is South Dakota So Popular?

People from all over the United States have flocked to South Dakota since the 1990s for the state's low property tax, media home price, property types, popular neighborhoods, no income tax, and smaller towns offering safer communities.

The continued popularity of Sioux Falls makes the real estate market a seller's market and the entire Sioux Empire region is growing by leaps and bounds. New construction in Sioux Falls is shifting and new housing starts are increasing.

That does not mean, however, that buyers cannot find great homes in Sioux Falls and benefit from all that South Dakota has to offer. While schools have started with Summer at its end, and Fall is around the corner, you will find that life in Sioux Falls does not slow down, and people continue to buy and sell homes.

If you find yourself in either a home buying or house selling situation during the school year, below are great tips on accomplishing the task without additional headaches.

Buying a Home During the School Year


  • New schools for children could mean new possibilities
  • Neighborhood familiarity


  • Children may have to change schools
  • A time-consuming task added to an already busy schedule

Determine Your Home Purchasing Power In The SD Real Estate Market

All home buyers must eventually determine the budget they have access to for purchasing a home. Buyers must consider their debt-to-income ratio (DTI) and any outstanding debts before buying a home, as these are major qualifying factors. If you're not familiar with real estate lingo, we have a handy guide!

During the school year, a busy schedule can cause a delay in buyers obtaining their DTI, delaying the home-buying process.

Save For Your Down Payment

A sizable down payment can save you money over the life of your Sioux Falls home loan, speaking to the importance of saving for the down payment on your home as long as possible.

Typically, lenders around Sioux Falls require home finance borrowers to have a minimum down payment of five percent of the home's total cost. Comparatively, private mortgage insurance (PMI) is typically required by lenders for any down payment of less than 20 percent of the property's price.

Find a Realtor You Can Trust Who Knows Sioux Falls, SD

The realtor you work with in Sioux Falls is a significant factor in your home buying experience and makes a big difference your comfort level with the entire process. Finding a realtor you can trust to inform you on areas of interest in each home and to work with the seller with your best interests in mind.

The Amy Stockberger Real Estate team is not only the top-rated real estate team in Sioux Falls, but we’re also the #1 Real Estate team in South Dakota! We’re with you before, during, and after the sale of your home.

The Amy Stockberger Real Estate VIP Lifetime Home Support Program

One of the benefits of working with Amy Stockberger Real Estate is that we have our VIP Lifetime Home Support program. It's a VIP program for our homebuyers that offers you lifetime home support throughout the time that you own your home.

With this program, our clients find discounts on services, professional recommendations on partners we trust for everything from plumbing to carpet installation.

You will also find perks such as event items you can rent, as well as Sioux Falls area discounts on family fun. It’s what we call #LifetimeHomeSupportTeam.

Choose a Lender and Get Pre Approval

Before considering a home purchase, you should have a lender who is familiar with the Sioux Falls area real estate market, and pre-approval to solidify your purchasing budget and begin the house purchasing process.

Shopping around for the best interest rate and the loan term is in the buyer's best interest. The earlier you start the process, the smoother your home purchase will be.

Selling a Home During the School Year


  • More buyers are looking to settle into a new home during the school year
  • Optimal pricing


  • Always having the house 'show ready'
  • Having to leave the house at a moment's notice for a potential buyer

Home Seller's Checklist

Understand Your Home's Worth

Conduct a comparative marketing analysis (CMA) of your own to discover your home's value. Utilize online housing market websites to become knowledgeable about housing in the area to see what similar homes in your area are selling for.

When researching the value of your home, consider the physical location and condition, as these are major contributing factors to the value of your home.

Spend Money to Make Money

Selling a home can become arduous and expensive, especially when you factor in the imminent taxes, fees, and repair costs. Ensure you are financially ready for these costs by saving, creating a budget, and sticking to it. The main expenses in your home's selling process are outlined below.

  • Capital gains tax
  • Staging
  • Transfer tax
  • Mortgage payoff fee
  • Title insurance
  • Broker fee
  • Home inspection
  • Repairs
  • Real estate attorney fees

Prepare Your Home

Once you accurately value your home based on the real estate market in your area, you need an adequate amount of capital to set aside for taxes and fees arising in the selling process; the next step is to prepare your home for potential buyers.

Sellers should pay for a pre-sale inspection of their home to solidify their asking price and to be abreast of any essential repairs that need to take place before they sell their home. Ensure that your home passes all inspection areas, and do not forget the power of curb appeal.

Getting your home show ready is a task accomplishable for most homeowners, but hiring a staging company can benefit those who need assistance getting their home show ready or want to stand out in the sea of available homes.

Suppose you opt to get your home 'show ready'. In that case, easy tips are to refresh the paint on the walls, eliminate odor sources, and remove any excess furniture throughout the home. While it is easier said than done, especially during the school year, the extra effort can pay large dividends down the road.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Ready To Show

  • Make the beds daily
  • Take out the trash often (helps maintain odor)
  • Always put items back where they belong (do not show clutter)
  • Keep all laundry washed and put away
  • Have a designated place to go that is available last minute for a home showing

ASRE, The Realtors You Can Count On!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home during the school year, the real estate professionals at Amy Stockberger Real Estate are here to help. You will find we are very knowledgeable about the areas most popular neighborhoods, schools, listings, and median home price. We are Sioux Falls #1 Real Estate agency. Fill out our contact us, search for listings, or give us a call!

**As of 8/21/23: