The shifting landscape of Sioux Falls’ new-home construction market

August 10, 2023

Hey there, folks! Today, we’re diving into the ever-changing world of the greater Sioux Falls’ new-home construction market. It’s an exciting yet challenging time for prospective buyers and sellers alike.

With limited inventory and permits on the decline, the competition is heating up, making it all the more essential to have experienced real estate brokerages by your side.

Let’s explore why now is the best time to make a home purchase and how building wealth through real estate is an exciting opportunity for buyers in the greater Sioux Falls area.

Understanding the current state of new-home construction

Over the past two years, the new-home construction market in Sioux Falls has undergone a significant shift, resulting in approximately half the number of building permits compared with the previous period. This has contributed to a year-over-year drop in building permit valuation, while still representing the second-best year in city history.

With the new-home construction market experiencing a decline in permits, housing inventory is anticipated to become even scarcer in the near future.

This scarcity may present challenges for prospective homebuyers seeking newly built homes because options are expected to dwindle further. Thus, it becomes crucial for those interested in purchasing a newly constructed property to act swiftly and make informed decisions to make the most of this opportunity and start building their wealth through real estate.

The impact of inflation on mortgage rates

Inflation can have a significant impact on mortgage rates, affecting the overall affordability of homeownership. As inflation rises, it can push interest rates higher, which could make financing a home more challenging. But hey, here’s the good news: Experts predict that mortgage rates will ease as inflation cools down. This means that now might be the perfect time to take advantage of favorable financing opportunities and get your foot in the real estate door. We already have seen a lowering of rates since the last inflation report was published a couple of weeks ago.

Why now is the best time to buy a home

Alright, let’s get to the juicy stuff. Here’s why now is the best time to make a home purchase in Sioux Falls:

Sweet mortgage rates: Despite the inflationary pressures, mortgage rates are expected to become more buyer-friendly. So you can lock in a mortgage with lower rates, giving you a fantastic chance to start building your wealth through real estate. Also, there are a handful of creative financing avenues now available to get buyers into homes that align with the affordability we were seeing before May 2022 when rates were at a historic low.

Competitive market: With limited inventory and a surge in demand, the housing market has turned into a real battle ground for buyers looking to buy a new-construction home. But fret not! Amy Stockberger Real Estate has your back and can help you navigate through the competition like a pro.

Long-term investment: Investing in real estate is like planting a money tree. With property values on the rise, owning a home now could mean reaping the benefits of increased equity and financial stability down the road. According to the Realtor Association of the Sioux Empire, home prices are still going up year over year, with a close to 4 percent increase from June, unlike many real estate markets nationwide.

Introducing Nine Mile Lake luxury twin home development

Oh, and did I mention a fantastic real estate opportunity? The Nine Mile Lake luxury twin home development is here to redefine modern living in the greater Sioux Falls area!

Picture this: thoughtfully designed, luxury twin homes set against a serene 22-acre lakeside backdrop, complete with a beachfront lots, community beach, park, new brewery/restaurant, conveniently located off the new 85th Street and Interstate 29 interchange and more. It’s a haven for those looking to elevate their lifestyle. Click here for information on what Nine Mile Lake has to offer.

So there you have it, folks! Sioux Falls’ new-home construction market is filled with opportunities for buyers looking to build their wealth through real estate. With the guidance of an experienced real estate brokerage like Amy Stockberger Real Estate and the potential of the Nine Mile Lake luxury twin home development, now is the time to make your move. Embrace the excitement, seize the opportunity, and let the real estate journey begin! Happy house hunting!

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