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Leah Brennan

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Meet Leah, the friendly face of real estate with a hometown touch! Originating from the blink-and-you'll-miss-it town of Rowena, SD, just east of Sioux Falls, she knows the ins and outs of both small-town charm and big-city convenience.Leah attended school at Brandon Valley K-11th before graduating a year early from Washington High School. Always one step ahead, she earned her Associates in Business Administration and Human Resources from Southeast Tech. Additionally, Leah has entrepreneurial spirit, having owned a retail/liquidation store in Brandon, SD, bringing valuable experience in business and customer service to her real estate endeavors.Leah is drawn to the dynamic world of real estate for several compelling reasons, one of the foremost being her passion for helping others. She finds immense satisfaction in guiding individuals and families through one of life's most significant decisions—finding their ideal home or facilitating the sale of their property with care and attention to detail. Beyond this, her fascination with houses runs deep; she often finds herself immersed in browsing online listings in her spare time, captivated by the diverse array of architectural styles and interior designs.

Life isn't just about work for Leah – family comes first. Married with three beautiful kiddos, she understands the importance of finding the perfect home to create lasting memories.Currently calling Colton, SD home sweet home, Leah is ready to help you find your own slice of happiness, whether it's in a bustling neighborhood or a quiet corner of the countryside. With Leah by your side, your real estate journey is sure to be a smooth ride filled with laughter and joy!Leah is a warm, outgoing, kind, compassionate and creative individual who values close relationships with family and friends. Her diverse taste in music shows an open-minded and adventurous spirit, always eager to explore new experiences. Her passion for thrifting and crafting means she has a resourceful and imaginative approach to life, finding joy in transforming ordinary items into something unique and meaningful. Overall, she enjoys embracing life's pleasures, from spending time with loved ones to pursuing creative endeavors.