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Natalie Kockelman

COO | Realtor®

Text me: 605.929.5470

Natalie grew up in small town Minnesota and moved to Sioux Falls in 2005. She has a love for the small town feel of Sioux Falls and has enjoyed watching our beautiful city grow. She has worked for Amy Stockberger Real Estate since 2013 and has a passion for helping people (and spreadsheets) and loves being apart of Amy Stockberger Real Estate.  When Natalie isn't at work, you can find her chauffeuring her teenage son to baseball and hockey tournaments across the Midwest or playing softball with her friends and enjoying the outdoors.

My 16 year old son, Cado,  is what I live for and who I strive to make proud every single day. Our road trips (no matter if they are simply to the hockey rink, baseball fields or allll the way to Florida) have been priceless and some of the most fun times of my life. This kid has grit and determination that I admire and about as much sass in him as his mother did when she was his age ;). Our sweet goldendoodle, Duffey, also has a pretty big piece of my heart. He loves to play, go for walks, escape his playpen any chance he gets, bark like a madman anytime I take a phone call and chirp as loud as he can at baseball games while watching our Cado pitch.

There is not much besides those two that melts my heart more than a gorgeous sunset or sunrise. My deck is my happy place. I am a cheesehead (GO PACK GO!). My super power is problem solving.  When it comes to pizza (probs my second favorite food) all veggie with extra cheese on a thin crust is my absolute fave.  Maybe add pepperoni. Maybe. Sometimes.

I am the oldest of 8 kids and I wouldn't trade a single day, story or memory of them for anything in this world.  Watching all 7 of them grow up and now watching their kids grow up is something fairly awesome and makes me happy that I am the oldest (it has nothing to do with how much I love to boss everyone around. Promise).

Softball is my favorite sport to play and always has been. Travel? Lambeau Field is a little slice of heaven on earth, along with London (who doesn't love those roundabouts and taxi drivers?!) and a newfound love for Florida.... those beaches though!! The Midwest will always have my heart as I do love every season we get to experience. My socks never match as ... who has time to match their socks each morning? The time I have saved over the years searching for missing socks is irreplaceable ;).