Navigating uncertainty — including in real estate — demands right support system

January 04, 2022

I participated in a focus group recently about women and children’s healthcare needs. One of the questions asked to the group was “when posed with a medical situation/issue/disease/diagnoses etc., who do you turn to for advice?” The overwhelmingly common answer was a trusted individual that also had experience with the situation to help guide the often unnavigated territory.

Interestingly, even if the territory was somewhat familiar, the same answer seemed to apply.

A friend, sibling, relative, or support group whether in person or virtual.

One of the participants in the group likened it to a project manager to guide each step with a systemized approach to help minimize the stress that is often associated with the unknown and as well as change itself.

Having experienced the removal of my thyroid in 2021, due to a cancer finding, I can attest that I eagerly sought out the same thing. People who had already taken the path and had an experience to report back to adjust my expectations on what to expect. I needed more than what the textbook WebMD could give me. I needed real humans with real experiences and real knowledge to set me up for success. Someone who had been there, done that. The supportive sister-type with knowledge only experience can hone and the genuine shine of trust.

This type of connection, this innate need for humans to have a support system, holds true in all areas of our lives, not just in our healthcare needs. Marriage, parenting, learning a new hobby, work and so on. The coaching industry is estimated to bring in $1 billion annually — proof people need that support system to find success in all pillars of their lives. Someone who has been there, done that and can help guide the path.

Our foundation at Amy Stockberger Real Estate, is offering our clients Lifetime Home Support. We have a proven system-centric, client-focused approach for each stage of homeownership. Support for our clients before, during and after the home purchase and/or sale. Support they can count on that is not only lined with the highest levels of expertise and knowledge but also genuine trust and caring to exceed their goals.

Our newest seller value proposition, Seller Operation Support, is designed with our foundation of lifetime home support in mind and was created to help save our clients time and stress, like many of our exclusive services as well as make them more money and save them money too.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate Seller Operation Support

Often the biggest pain point for homeowners in selling their home is the process of getting it ready to go on the market. It is very common for the honey-do lists to be put at the bottom of the ever-dynamic to-do lists of normal day-to-day living. Often projects have been unattended to or partially started and then not finished. Or homeowners just don’t know where to begin, where to stop once they start and who to trust to get the work completed in a timely and budget concise manner. Homeowners are sending out a major SOS! HELP!

Amy Stockberger Real Estate’s Seller Operation Support is the stress-free way to sell your home for a higher price and faster with a project manager approach doing the heavy lifting for you. We have a dedicated list of Home Support Partners offering services from contractors, handymen, interior and exterior painters, organizers, carpet cleaning, deep-cleaning, landscapers and more.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate Home Support Team Logo

These fabulous partners not only offer legendary care like Amy Stockberger Real Estate does, but often they offer preferential treatment and, in some circumstances, special pricing. Also, some of the services don’t need to be paid until you are at the closing table. WIN-WIN.

How it works:

1. Contact Amy Stockberger Real Estate to have one of our skilled agents meet with you to determine what services and/or projects can increase your sales price.

2. Your Amy Stockberger Real Estate agent will coordinate bids to determine a budget that fits your goals.

3. Once work starts, your trusted Amy Stockberger Real Estate Agent will assist in the project management of each service and/or project.

4. Upon completion, your home is put on the market using our proven aggressive Seller Strategy.

5. Closing Day celebration!

Amy Stockberger Real Estate has navigated this path thousands of times and has the combination of expertise, skill, all-inclusive services, and a genuine care to not only meet but exceed our clients’ goals. A personal project manager at your service to adjust your expectations for the road ahead while giving you trustworthy advice to make you more money, all with the heart of a faithful friend. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We have a strategic all-inclusive system in place to help the overwhelming SOS feeling most homeowners get when thinking about getting their home on the market.

Even in a low inventory market, homes that shine sell for more money and faster. Also, I have found 9 out of 10 times a buyer’s perception of how much deferred maintenance and/or unfinished projects cost is far higher than the actual cost to do the projects. Which is just human nature, right? Buyers want the lowest price; sellers want the highest price.

Spring of 2022 will likely bring more inventory, which means with more competing homes in your price point and area now is the time to get a jump start on your competition to come out on top.

For more details on Amy Stockberger Real Estate Seller Operation Support, click here.

If you are not interested in having any work done on the home and just want maximum convenience, we have a program for that too, our Instant Offer program.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate Instant Offer Graphic

Amy Stockberger Real Estate’s Instant Offer takes the stress out of selling your home where you get to pick maximum convenience. Skip the stress with no showings, no open houses, no strangers going through your house. No worrying about the uncertainty. Skip the prep with No cleaning, no need to do repairs or updates. Enjoy uber flexibility in getting to pick a closing date from 14 to 90 days. Also, an option to stay in home up to 3 days after closing.

We have found that this program works great for families selling their senior parent’s home either from afar or in town, or those who had an unexpected relocation and need to get to their new city lightning fast, or even those who just want to sell quick and move on to their next step and skip being on the market altogether; easy peasy.

For more information about our Instant Offer program, click here.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate has started a new investor group. The basics of the group are to present different real estate opportunities to those who want to participate and match people up. No matter what season you are in with real estate investments, own many doors or no doors, our goal is to match buyers together with projects that make sense for them at the time available. Have $10K for a down payment or $100,000 or anything in between we will likely have a project to help you build wealth through real estate. Click here to be contacted for more details.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate lifetime home support foundation has a system-centric, client-focused approach to help you at any stage of the home buying and/or selling projects. Contact us today to see how we can exceed your goals.

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