Nationally ranked real estate team adds new totally mobile marketing tool

June 16, 2021

Albert Einstein’s quote “Creativity is intelligence having fun” is the first thing I see on the wall right outside of my office. It has always spoken to me in an intimate way and seems to calm me every time I read it.

The flooding of dopamine when I am creating and implementing is pretty addictive and has been a longtime friend of mine throughout my career.

Connecting buyers and sellers and ensuring we are creating lifetime support for our clients is our superpower and biggest objective every day.

Next comes finding new and creative ways to get as many eyes as possible on our listings, increase Amy Stockberger Real Estate’s brand awareness and get our unique value propositions to the masses.

I remember when I first started selling real estate, wildly green to the industry, discussing with my dad, my then-responsible broker, that there had to be a different way to get my listings in front of the specific buyer pools who were likely to purchase the homes.

Knowing that there is no exact one medium that will sell every listing, I had to take the road map given to me and expand it to get a faster connection for sellers and buyers. It became my mission to break it down and find a way to do it effectively differently.

My theory is that each listing typically has three buyer pools that fit that home based on the area, the parameters of the home and price. So I created a system to matrix out those buyers through specific target marketing based upon each price range and ZIP code. This way, I am spending my advertising dollar on being as hyper-focused as possible.

I created bold marketing and strategic advertising for each and every listing to ensure top results for my clients.

The first place buyers hear about a home for sale is online. Our digital presence is paramount to that success. We have an in-house digital marketing department as well as an out-of-house digital marketing agency. Our campaigns run specific to the matrix I created to ensure the right eyeballs are seeing my homes as soon as possible.

The second place buyers find out about a home being for sale is through the real estate agent. We offer the only team-based real estate brokerage in the area. The model is designed to ensure each client gets the support and efforts of the entire team, resulting in our clients getting 30-plus of us working for them for the price of one. It also provides unparalleled word-of-mouth campaigns that do the heavy lifting for us.

The third place that buyers find out about a home for sale is still the for sale signs. No matter how big the internet or social media become, buyers will drive neighborhoods to look for homes for sale until the end of time. It is too big of a purchase not to. Our bold and beautiful signs were built to ensure immediate brand awareness.

My newest creation has taken all three of those methods to alert buyers of a home for sale and combined them in a way that can NOT go unnoticed and has never been done in our market.

Welcome, Magnitude Mobile Marketing to Sioux Falls. My husband and I partnered with a long-time employee, Natalie Kockelman, to bring this product to life.

Our mobile digital billboard truck brings our message to the masses — it’s out-of-home advertising on steroids. Our truck is equipped with three large ultra-bright LED digital billboards with unparalleled visuals and audio that can play on-demand content that we can change effortlessly based on where our truck is driving.



We can livestream social media campaigns, sporting events and even play video games on this beauty. Our truck is designed with audience intelligence technology designed to plan and track each campaign.

Our listings are now being driven right to their estimated buyers in a way never seen in our market using state-of-the-art LED digital billboards offering visual and sound engagement at the consumers’ eye level to bring our messages to life. We then have an artificial intelligence system to remarket to those consumers on multiple platforms.

This truck is allowing us to use the top three places consumers find out about homes for sale in one fell swoop. The advertising and marketing options are endless.

While I loved bringing the Amy Stockberger Real Estate banner to the sky a few years ago, nothing can top my excitement for this mobile digital billboard truck and hope to be adding more to the fleet soon.

We were also very humbled by the announcement last week of RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal, to be ranked No. 13 in the nation for closed transactions in the category of a large team.


Only .07 percent of the 1.4 million Realtors® in the U.S. make up The Thousand — the very best in the country. America’s Best comprises the top 1.5 percent of all Realtors in the country. This year, the list had 4,000 more individuals and teams qualify for the rankings. This is the 16th year of publishing the rankings, and by far the biggest growth it has seen.

A huge thanks to all our fabulous clients, they are the reason we strive to be the best each day.

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