How to Stage Your Sioux Falls Luxury Home for a Quick Sale

November 19, 2018

There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to selling a luxury home, including location, size, age, and of course, the luxury amenities included on the property.  However, you should also know that staging can play a huge role in presenting your Sioux Falls luxury property in the best light, attracting multiple bids, and encouraging a speedy sale.

While you probably already know the basics, like putting your personal effects (family photos, clothing, tchotchkes, etc.) in storage and thinning out furnishings to make rooms look larger, it’s important to understand that staging a million-dollar luxury home is a little different than presenting the average property.  You’re trying to attract high-end buyers and you need to play to their sensibilities.  Here are just a few helpful tips for staging your Sioux Falls luxury home for a quick sale.

Know Your Market

Who do you think will be most interested in buying your Sioux Falls luxury home?  Are you looking to sell to young professionals relocating to Sioux Falls for corporate opportunities?  Perhaps you think the most likely buyers are established families seeking an upgrade to a larger home.  Your target buyers will impact how you stage your home.

For example, you’ll want to stage at least one or two rooms for children if you’re looking to sell to a family, while you might stage those same rooms as a home office or man cave if you’re catering to young professionals without kids.  Your luxury realtor can help you determine how best to stage your high-end home to attract target buyers.

Update Inside and Out

You don’t necessarily have to renovate the bathroom or kitchen before listing your Sioux Falls luxury home for sale, but you do need to make sure everything looks new and fresh.  This means fixing minor cosmetic concerns like cracked tiles and leaky faucets, polishing the floors, updating the paint, and making sure the lawn is lush and the landscaping is pruned to perfection.  High-end buyers expect the best, so you need to eliminate visible flaws as much as possible.

Make the Most of Every Luxury Feature

Some luxury homes have spectacular views.  Some enjoy an abundance of natural light.  Some have features like fireplaces, gourmet kitchens, spa master baths, bonus rooms or lofts, and massive patio or deck areas, just for example.  You need to do all you can to play up these notable features.

Every home has bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on, but you need to know what makes your property stand out from the pack and then highlight these features as selling points.  You need to show prospective buyers the potential in your Sioux Falls home.

Get Professional Help

Unless you happen to be an interior design guru, staging your home could be a difficult undertaking.  Since getting it right is so important, it’s best to partner with a real estate team that has expertise in selling high-end homes.  These professionals can help you to stage your Sioux Falls home to optimal effect, creating the best conditions for a quick and profitable sale.

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