5 Ways to Drum Up Multiple Offers for Your Sioux Falls Home

October 22, 2018

When you’re ready to upgrade to a larger, more luxurious property, the process begins by preparing your current Sioux Falls property for sale. Naturally, you want to get the highest price possible, and one of the best ways to see maximum return on investment is by doing all you can to interest multiple buyers and start a bidding war.

The right Sioux Falls real estate agent can guide you through the process, advising you on how to show your property and price it to drive interest and bids. There are several steps you can take to increase your odds of selling as high as possible.

1. Add curb appeal. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so you want to make it count. With relatively little expense you can spruce up your façade and front yard and create a positive experience from the moment prospective buyers pull up to your property.

Don’t want the hassle or expense of repainting your entire house? No problem – try a power wash or just repaint the front. You can also add new hardware like updated numbers and light fixtures if the old ones are looking a little worse for the wear. Selective weeding and pruning can neaten the appearance of your yard, and adding a few new flowering plants can enhance the overall appeal.

2. Consider targeted upgrades. Most homeowners have a laundry list of upgrades they’d like to undertake. If you’re looking to sell, it’s not too late to undertake a few key renovations in order to elevate the appeal of your home and gain more interest from buyers.

Fixing cosmetic issues is a must. Although you no longer notice the dripping faucet, chipped tile, or cracked paint, these flaws will stand out like a sore thumb and hurt the relative appeal of your home, so you really need to address them before listing your Sioux Falls property.

From there, you should consider needed upgrades that can significantly increase the appeal of your home, like replacing an outdated roof. Sure, you can always offer a discount, but a turn-key property is generally more desirable to buyers. In addition, you should think about modernizing outdated kitchens or bathrooms. This is where you’re going to see the greatest ROI.

3. Price aggressively. Setting your price below market value is always a little scary, but an experienced Sioux Falls realtor can assess your property, check comps, and help you develop the proper pricing strategy, helping you adopt an aggressive stance that results in multiple offers.

4. Host open houses…for brokers and buyers. When it comes to hosting open houses, you should probably do at least two. Start with a pre-show for brokers. There’s a good chance they’ll have specific buyers in mind for your property. Then, when you list your home, host an open house post haste for the best chance of getting multiple bids.

5. Stage appropriately. There’s no overstating how essential proper staging is. You have to thoroughly clean, remove all personal items if possible, and situate furnishings to make your home look both inviting and spacious. The goal is to create an environment that allows prospective buyers to see the possibilities and imagine themselves living happily in your home.

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