Newcomers to Sioux Falls agree: Take this approach when looking for a home

October 22, 2021

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We’ve always helped clients moving to Sioux Falls from other communities – but never as many as the last two years.

At Amy Stockberger Real Estate, we understand that relocation is about a lot more than finding your next address. It means supporting you throughout the entire relocation process – then ensuring we treat you as a client for life once you move in.

For employers, it means we sell your prospective employees on the city, while you focus on selling them on your company.

We’re proud that our approach helps clients not just find their dream homes but feel at home in Sioux Falls.

So we asked some of our recently relocated clients to tell us about their house-hunting experience and move to town.

Meet Michael, a healthcare professional whose family was living in Seattle when a job offer here allowed him to return to his home state. Timing was important to him, as he reminded me that I asked them to give us 48 hours.

“We did just that,” he said. “We flew in on a Friday evening and looked at homes all day Saturday and Sunday. We submitted an offer on Sunday evening, and by Monday, we had a signed contract as the sellers accepted our offer! Everything from there was so simple thanks to Amy and her team!”

One year later, their family loves the house and neighborhood.

“Our dogs love the big yard, and the outdoor space has allowed us to entertain guests with ample amounts of space! Our neighbors are all friendly and active with each other!” Michael said. “We even had a block party in June at our next door neighbor’s house. I love taking a walk with the dogs and getting friendly waves from every direction!

He suggests exploring various neighborhoods in Sioux Falls if you’re new to town and said he appreciated the extra perks our team included to help ease his family’s experience.

“They helped us find the right lender for our mortgage, and Amy and her team even helped us out when we transported our vehicle from Seattle. One vehicle we shipped arrived a few days before us, and Amy assured us that they would take care of everything until we arrived. They really took the stressful parts of our move and made them worry-free,” he said.

“At the end of the day, ASRE was the number one reason our relocation was easy, stress-free, and even fun!”

Then there’s Mark and Sara, who moved to Sioux Falls earlier this year from Minnesota for a job and to be closer to family.

They felt limited inventory would be a challenge – but we tackled it for them.

Three months into their new address, “it’s going great,” they told me. “We feel more at home in our current location and neighborhood than we did for seven years in our previous home.”

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My team “worked hard to search for homes that met our expectations and worked even harder to make sure we had the opportunity to see as many qualified homes despite our limited ability to travel for house-hunting purposes,” they told me.

“ASRE continues to be our go-to connection for whatever we have needed since our move, and always promptly replies with answers, resources or references for all our needs.”

Then, recently, we got to meet Jessica, who moved from Florida when her husband accepted a job in Sioux Falls.

“We needed to find a home quickly in order to enroll our kids in school before the start of school,” she said. “With the current market, we were concerned we wouldn’t be able to find a house in our budget on our timeline.”

Our team stepped in.

“ASRE made themselves available, they were knowledgeable of the area and were able to guide out us and were able to guide us through to the purchase of a home that we love,” she said. “Their patience, expertise, and excellent communication made the whole house hunting experience smooth and enjoyable.”

We were able to find them a home within walking distance of school with friendly neighbors and a house in great condition. Her family will close on their new house later this month.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate - Florida Family Photo

“We are positive that we will enjoy the home and the neighborhood,” Jessica said. “I encourage anyone moving to Sioux Falls to use ASRE. I appreciate the ‘one stop shop’ aspect. ASRE provides help with everything – connecting utilities, recommending contractors and service providers and more. They are quick to answer questions with helpful responses.”

That’s what we strive to hear from clients. We are specialized in not only individuals relocating, but also corporate relocations, and we have a proven systematic approach to make the transition easy and stress free for the entire family. Our clients’ time is extremely valuable and our number one priority is getting the entire family integrated in their new surroundings.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate Services

Here’s a look at some of the many services we provide:

  • • Pre-arrival counseling by phone to assess your needs.
  • • Personalized “Welcome to Sioux Falls” packet. Includes dining, recreational, and school information.
  • • Provide children with special “Welcome” packet. Includes passes to the Washington Pavilion Science Center & Escape 605.
  • • Provide an in-depth community tour.
  • • We ease the family’s transition into a new community by providing information about schools, recreation, churches, and any special needs the transferee or the transferee’s family may have.
  • • Provide an objective and reliable source of information.
  • • Provide assistance sourcing childcare.
  • • Provide trailing spouse connections.
  • • Relieve time-consuming and frustrating details of relocation.
  • • Do home search trips to all requested areas in Sioux Empire.
  • • Provide computerized estimates of closing costs, monthly payments, and the tax benefits of owning.
  • • We can provide computerized rent-versus-buy analysis for those who need guidance.


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