Look for new home listings? They’re finally here, along with the first Sioux Empire Flip Off

March 03, 2021

This paid piece is sponsored by Amy Stockberger Real Estate.

By Amy Stockberger

Spring has sprung, and the residential real estate marketing is hopping! While inventory is still causing some pains, we have seen close to a 17 percent increase in new listings hitting the market in the last week of February. Based on the buzz from recent appointments and calls, more listings will be going live in the next two weeks too.

Mortgage rates popped up today to 2.75 percent for a 30-year mortgage and 2 percent for a 15-year. This is the biggest hike we have seen in a year. This coupled with the traditional spring market will put another demand on inventory levels.

In an effort to get more inventory into the market, provide support to sellers and to buyers, as well as give back to charity, Amy Stockberger Real Estate is rolling out our annual Sioux Empire Flip Off.

I feel the lack of homes on the market is caused by three primary reasons. One reason is the lack of inventory issue we have been facing is cyclical; the reason homeowners are not putting their homes on the market is because they are finding their next move up or down or lateral move is not available.

Another is the fact that sellers often get stuck in overwhelm. They don’t know which projects to start, to stop, to finish or to ignore altogether and the thought of getting the house ready for market stops them in their tracks.

The last reason could be COVID-19; some homeowners are just not comfortable with a lot of people going through their homes yet even with stricter COVID-19 showing guidelines.

Enter the first annual Sioux Empire Flip Off. We are kicking this off March 15, with this basic concept:

Homeowners can sign up to be entered to have their home purchased in as-is condition – no prep, no stress and they even get credit toward moving company expenses. For every market analysis we do, Amy Stockberger Real Estate will give $50 to the Sioux Falls Area CASA Program and a special gift card for the homeowners. Three homes will be chosen to be purchased with no huss and fuss, flexible close dates and options to stay in the home a week past closing to aid in the transition.

Those same three homes will be flipped with an estimated completion date of this fall, and we will put it out to the public to vote on the winner. The winning house will have a portion of the profits contributed back to CASA, which provides volunteer advocates for abused and neglected children in the court system.

The flipping process will be observed through social media and set up for public feedback on selections of materials and design. People love to watch the flipping process — HGTV would not be what it is today if this weren’t the case!

Even if your home isn’t chosen in the three we are purchasing, we likely can connect you with a buyer who will work within all your goals and parameters and help you transition to another home or assist in finding you a short- or long-term rental. You also will be helping a great cause: the Sioux Falls Area CASA Program.

Houses are selling for more than they ever have before, with the influx of not only current residents wanting to find their next home sweet home, but also so many people moving into our little slice of heaven.

Want an easy way to see how many qualified buyers we have who match the parameters of your home? Check out the Buyer Match Service we created.

The Buyer Match Service works like a Multiple Listing Service, but instead of advertising listings for buyers to find, we are advertising our buyers. Like a dating service site, sellers can enter in the basic parameters of their home and see how many qualified buyers we have ready to look at their home. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

If you feel you are stuck in any of the above situations or simply want to see if you house will be eligible, sign up via buyermatchservice.com.

While homes are selling quickly, it is more important than ever to align yourself with an expert. That means not only an expert in connecting buyers and sellers but also someone who understands the golden rule that service, no matter what, always will be king.

At Amy Stockberger Real Estate, we built our core values around client-focused lifetime support. Call us today to see how we can achieve your goals.

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