How this Sioux Falls real estate team came to rank among top in nation

December 06, 2021

Being part of a team, as a spectator or participant, has been one of my favorite things since I was very young. Growing up in the ’80s in Canton, we didn’t have the opportunities to join teams as young as my children have had in Sioux Falls, but I still have very fond memories from my softball days in elementary school. While I was by no means a key player, the energy of being on a team was exhilarating, and I loved every minute of it, whether on the field or on the bench. I played sports throughout the majority of my years in Canton and even set a record in the hurdles, a very fun memory. I also have a not-so-fun memory of one team event where I fouled out of a varsity basketball game in less than 10 seconds. I am hoping someone else has broken that record.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate Top Ranking Photo

The team concept resonated with me instantly when I started my career. My first team member was my sister. She joined me and my assistant as a buyers agent. We used to run 15 to 20 open houses a weekend and were able to do far more together than we could ever accomplish alone.

When my husband, Adam, joined the team in 2009, we were able to grow by close to 300 percent in one year. That added to my love affair with teams. And now, science is backing up the power of teams. The journal American Psychologist released “The Science of Teamwork,” an entire issue devoted to the psychology of collaboration, showcasing evidence that working in a team can make you smarter, more creative and more successful.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate offers a team-based business model — a “team-erage” instead of the standard brokerage model. What that means is that we have a system and strategy for every step of the transaction, with dedicated, repeatable excellence so nothing falls through the cracks. Our clients get an entire team dedicated to meeting and exceeding their goals. We do this by putting the right people in the right seats.

The words on our wall say it all. In this office, we are a team.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate Office Philosophy

Buying and selling a home is a very big endeavor and deserves to be handled with the utmost precision and attention to detail. Amy Stockberer Real Estate has a department dedicated to our clients’ needs before, during and after the home sale. Our system-centric, client-focused and lifetime home support process has allowed us to be ranked No. 13 in the nation for large teams.

Our client-focused team approach has been built around a system and strategy for every step. This means repeatable excellence and saving or making our clients more money while saving them time and stress!

Our team includes:

  • • Transaction department
  • • Inside sales department
  • • Outside sales department
  • • Listing department
  • • Stager
  • • Photographer
  • • Digital marketing agency
  • • In-house digital media manager
  • • 20-plus Realtors
  • • Client VIP manager
  • • One Roof Solution
  • • Home Support Team partners department


Amy Stockberger Real Estate also offers unmatched services you ordinarily wouldn’t find to help your purchase or sale go as smoothly as possible. Here is a small sample of some of our unique value propositions:

  • One Roof Solution: In an effort to always save our clients time, money and stress, we created our One Roof Solution, which offers in-house lenders and insurance agents, title insurance services, an interior designer, builder and climate-controlled storage units — all under one roof!

  • VIP Club: Moving can be a hectic time. Wouldn’t it be nice to cross off a few things from your list? The Amy Stockberger Real Estate VIP Club provides free usage of two moving trucks and free moving supplies such as boxes, tape and blankets. But that’s not all! The VIP Club also includes one month of free climate-controlled storage, a party shed and tool shed, a moving concierge for address forwarding and utility transfers, access to our discount center for savings on name-brand products and much, much more.

  • Home Support Team: Throughout our many years of serving the Sioux Falls community, our team-erage has built relationships with some of the area’s best local businesses. The Home Support Team provides access to these trusted companies to help you on your homeownership journey. Our Home Support Team partners range from contractors and HVAC to house cleaners, cabinets and even ice cream shops. Not only do they offer our clients legendary care like we do, they often give our clients preferential treatment and discounts as well.

  • Instant Offer: With our Instant Offer program, we take the stress out of getting your home ready to go on the market. Skip the stress, skip the prep, pick your closing date and move out on your terms.

  • Love It or Leave It Guarantee: Our ultimate goal is for you to be happy in your new home. The Love It or Leave It Guarantee allows you to buy with confidence. If you don’t absolutely love your house within the first 12 months, Amy Stockberberger Real Estate will sell it for free and help you find a new home.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate Love It Or List It Guarantee

Amy Stockberger Real Estate’s team approach has helped thousands of satisfied clients and ensures we are their lifetime home support partner. If you know of anyone making a life change, we would love the opportunity to be their lifetime support partner too.

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