Holiday hint: It’s the best season yet to sell your home

December 09, 2020

By Amy Stockberger

The real estate market has been a champion for the economy throughout the nation and continues to break records in the Sioux Empire. While the season of giving is among us, it also may be the best holiday season ever to sell your home.

Inventory levels dropped over 40 percent from 2019.

Couple that with the record low interest rates still prodding buyers on, and homes are now worth more than ever. The increase of people moving into our beautiful city is higher than it ever has been, also creating ample opportunity for sellers.

With inventory being so low, sellers are able to control far more of the leverage than before, not only in price but also in the amount of work needed to be done before going on the market. Sellers also are able to set up the times and days of showings with more control as buyers are willing to work around what is convenient for the seller.

Buyers’ need and/or want to buy a home does not stop just because of the holidays or cold weather. Changes in life happen every month of the year. With having to do less to get your home on the market, the ability to control the process more than ever, home prices increasing and lack of inventory, winter could be the best time for you to cash in.

While the spring market is touted as the best time to sell nationally, waiting until then likely will bring more competition, which lowers a seller’s leverage. People get married, have babies and get promoted at work every month of the year, not only in the spring. The same holds true for getting a divorce, having those babies move out of the house and job loss. These events also happen every month of the year, not just in the spring.

Want an easy way to see how many qualified buyers we have who match the parameters of your home? Check out our Buyer Match Service we created. The Buyer Match Service works like a Multiple Listing Service, but instead of advertising listings for buyers to find, we are advertising our buyers. Like a dating service site, sellers can enter in the basic parameters of their home and see how many qualified buyers we have ready to look at their home. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

While homes are selling quickly, it is more important than ever to align yourself with an expert in not only connecting buyer and sellers but also understanding the golden rule that service, no matter what, always will be king.

At Amy Stockberger Real Estate, we built our core values around client-focused lifetime support.

We had our 15th annual turkey giveaway in November. This event gives us time to connect with our clients of present and past, and give back to them. This year, because of COVID-19, we offered safe ways for clients to pick up their turkeys with drive-thru or drop-off options, or to come in safely masked.

We added something fun this year and brought in Santa for free pics with the big guy himself, who was, of course, masked as well.

It was a great event, and we are very grateful for all our wonderful clients/friends whom we have been able to serve over the years.

Another one of Amy Stockberger Real Estate’s core values is leading with a servant’s heart. We are proud to say that since we were able to serve more clients than we ever have this year, it allowed us to give back more than we ever have to an organization that is near and dear to my heart, the Sioux Falls Area CASA Program. I worked at Children’s Inn with Stacey Tieszen, the current fearless leader at CASA, and saw firsthand the immense need for this program. For every client Amy Stockberger Real Estate is able to assist, we donate a portion of each sale to CASA.

If you’d like to donate as well, please click here.

For any of your real estate needs here or anywhere in the U.S., we would love to be of service.

Amy Stockberger Real Estate wishes you a safe, healthy and blessed holiday season.

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