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April 01, 2019

Sioux Falls is having a bit of a boom these days. With its growing economy, vibrant arts scene, and natural beauty, a lot of people are choosing Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as their home.

If you’re considering moving to our fair city, you will probably hire a real estate agent like the competent professionals on the Amy Stockberger Team. There are a few tips you should know when working with a real estate agent to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Know your agents

It’s important to know what the different types of real estate agents do because there is a protocol you must follow when buying a home.

A listing agent works for the person who’s selling the house, not the person who’s looking to buy one. If you hire the listing agent, there will then be a conflict of interest as the agent will be working under dual agency.

Listing agents do not want to have the job of the buying agent, so if you are looking to buy a home in Sioux Falls, you want a buying agent.

Know your forms

Buying a home involves a lot of paperwork, and it gets confusing. Here are some important reminders of what you should be signing, with whom, and for what reasons.

When you’re buying a house in Sioux Falls, expect to sign a buyer’s broker agreement. This basically formalizes the relationship between you and the agent and outlines their duties towards you and vice-versa.

Know the difference between an exclusive and a non-exclusive agreement. Also, ask your agent if they’ll release you if you aren’t satisfied. If the agent refuses on this point, find a different agent.

Ask for and sign an agency agreement, as most agencies are legally bound to give you one. It’s a receipt of sorts, and the most common type of agency is the single agency agreement, in which your agent represents you and only you.

Do not sign anything you do not fully understand.

Make your expectations known

The simplest way to avoid unpleasantness in finding your new home is with open and honest communication. For example, do you expect your agent to pick you up at your front door and to drive you home after showings? Some agents do this, some do not. It’s preferable to be clear.

Also, what is your preferred method of communication – texting, email, or phone? Let your agent know so that they can reach you at a moment’s notice or not bug you by constantly calling.

Your agent wants to make you happy, and the process of buying a home should not be overly stressful. If you are unhappy with the process in any way, let your agent know. This is not a friendship, but a business relationship. The clearer you can be about your expectations for your working relationship, the better.

Consummate professionals like the ones on the Amy Stockberg Team will be sure to make your home-buying process as pleasant as possible.

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