A Very Special Day Indeed . . .

January 30, 2018

One of our very own is celebrating 2 YEARS with The Amy Stockberger Team!


Here are a few fun facts about this stellar individual:

• Favorite smell – Clean pair of underwear
• Last cry – 2002. The cheerleaders would say, “Seniors, seniors don’t be shy let me hear your battle cry.” We shouted, “S. E. N. I. O. R.!”
• Favorite pizza – In the sewers with the T.M.N.T.
• Favorite Flower – Gold Medal
• Roller coaster? – Yes, including my life and emotions
• Hair color – Balding. So, skin color?
• Favorite ice cream – Ben and Jimmy’s. It’s the cheap version
• Shorts or jeans – Jean shorts
• What are you listening to right now? My offspring complaining how hard they have it… when I was a kid, I had to eat Tide out of a box! They don’t know how good they have it.
• Color of your vehicle – Dirt
• Favorite Holiday – Pi day. March 14 or Boxing Day
• Night owl or day person – Early bird gets worms
• Favorite day of the week – Hump day
• Tattoos – Some people have a sleeve, I’m going to get a body suit
• Can you drive a manual shift? – That’s what I learned first
• Favorite color – Black. The absence of color
• Do you like vegetables? – Dunked in ranch
• Do you wear glasses? – Shades because my future is so bright
• Favorite season? – Baseball

This young man is none other than Andy Carpenter!

Andrew Carpenter | Transaction Coordination Manager | Office Manager

Andy is a vivacious & vital part of our team. Andy makes sure that our office is running efficiently, manages our transaction department to ensure that properties close without a hitch, and adds his wonderful sprinkle of humor to our work.

Andy grew up in Dell Rapids, South Dakota and after high school joined the U.S. Navy. After four years in the Navy he came back to the Sioux Falls area and earned his associates degree in Business Administration. He has worked in the home mortgage industry since 2010, with his most recent experience as a quality analyst. Andrew looks forward to using his experience and thoroughness while helping the team.


The Amy Stockberger Team offers the highest level of service in creating a smooth transaction which is made possible by using the array of systems and checklists that have been developed with years of experience and knowledge. With the best technology available, The Amy Stockberger Team surpasses their competition and is consistently dedicated to making their client’s goals their number one priority. Call us today and put the top real estate team in Sioux Falls to work for you!

Amy Stockberger Real Estate

“Real estate . . . .real easy”

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