Purchasing Luxury Real Estate in Sioux Falls: 5 Things You Should Know

February 11, 2019

The growing city of Sioux Falls, SD is a great place to open a private practice and raise a family, especially with so much beautiful land and luxury real estate to peruse. Homeowners enjoy not only the stunning natural vistas, but also modern amenities like smart home features, paired with desirable open layouts, spa-like master baths, immense square footage, and high-end finishes like hardwood and natural stone that make any home warm and inviting.

Of course, before you start looking at luxury real estate in Sioux Falls, you’ll want to make sure you understand the market so you can find the dream home you seek. While million-dollar homes are selling like hotcakes in and around the area, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Here are just a few tips to ensure you find the best luxury home for your needs.

1. Old versus new construction. Trying to decide between older and newer luxury homes can be a real conundrum in the million-dollar marketplace. You might think newer is better, and it’s certainly nice to have the latest trends and technologies, but with an older home you could find you have access to larger lots, better locations, and potentially even greater value for your money, since sellers are competing against new construction.

Plus, many owners go out of their way to implement modern upgrades before putting a home on the market as a means of increasing competitive edge, meaning you could still get a lot of the same amenities as you’ll find in newer homes. The point is that you shouldn’t rule out older properties just because there are plenty of new models to consider.

2. Sort by features. When looking at luxury homes, you’re sure to find plenty of suitable properties, but they’re anything but cookie-cutter, which means you’ll be best served by creating a list of features you prefer. Most properties will feature ample living space, posh master suites, gourmet kitchens, bonus rooms, high-end finishes, and more.

Not every property has access to a private lake or a view of a golf course. Not every property comes with a few acres of land for your private retreat. Think about your priorities going in and you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect parcel.

3. Expand your price range. In the luxury home market, you might have a fairly high price range in mind, say, over the million-dollar mark. While you’re sure to find several properties in this price range around Sioux Falls these days, you might be surprised by what you can find by expanding your price range to the $500,000 and up level. You’ll certainly open yourself up to significantly more buying options.

4. Waiting for the right home. If you’re working with a luxury budget, you want the perfect home, and this could mean waiting for the right property to hit the market. Don’t forget, however, that you can always renovate to make a close-enough home into the personal haven you’ve been dreaming of.

5. Working with a local agent. Finding the perfect property means partnering with a local agent that can find you the listings no one else can. With the right Sioux Falls real estate expert on your side, your ideal luxury home is within reach.

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  1. I want to make my dream come true by buying a luxury home so I might buy an old construction to get a cheaper price. As long as the listings allow me to sort homes by features, I should be able to afford one with my needs. Hopefully, I can still work with a local agent to find me the best home that I should get.

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