Meet Our Newest Face: Shawn Martins!

November 21, 2016

Shawn Martins | REALTOR ® | The Amy Stockberger Team


Shawn Martins is our newest addition to the team, and we’re super pumped to have him on board!

Shawn comes to us all the way from New York, and he’s excited to start selling some homes here in the Midwest with us. You’ll hopefully be seeing his name a lot more in the upcoming months!
Here’s a little bit of trivia about our newest team member:
Start Date with AS Team:
Originally from:
Skaneateles, NY (the finger lake region)
I went to high school at Skaneateles High and studied Environmental Studies at Syracuse University . . . Go Orange!!
Best concert you’ve ever been to:
Dave Matthews band
If someone was looking for you in the mall, where would they most likely find you?
Brooks Brothers! Unfortunately, Sioux Falls does not have a BB at the Empire mall ☹
One actor/actress you would like to have dinner with:
Christian Bale/ Jennifer Lawrence
Drink of Choice:
Whatever someone else is buying lol, but Gin and Tonic usually works nice
What jam can always get you going?
Any version of #41 with Dave Matthews and Tim Reynold live
Guilty pleasure TV show:
Family Guy
Favorite weekend activity:
In your opinion, what’s the most important feature in a home?
A good kitchen one where you can cook and entertain for all friends and loved ones. A good kitchen is the soul of a home and walking into a good kitchen should make you say ‘Wow, this nice!’

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