How to prepare a luxury Sioux Falls home for sale

September 17, 2018

Showing a luxury home to potential buyers is no small feat. Appearance is everything, especially when you are showing a luxury Sioux Falls home. In order to present a home in a way that appeals to certain clientele, there are a few tips worth considering as you go through the process of preparing a home for sale.

Don’t Neglect the Exterior
While a lot of attention goes into how a home looks on the inside, the first thing a buyer sees is the home’s exterior. It is important that the exterior is inviting and makes buyers want to walk inside. Have the home’s exterior, driveway, and walkways pressure-washed. The lawn should be freshly cut and the windows should be washed. Even the mailbox and address numbers should be presentable. In addition, outdoor lighting goes a long way, especially if showings are in the evening hours.

Clear Out Clutter
Cleaning a luxury home’s interior is an obvious necessity. With that being said, do not forget to tidy up. While the home may be clean, if there is obvious clutter like excess furniture, toys, or art on the refrigerator, buyers can become easily distracted. Additionally, it is easier for a buyer to see how much storage space the home has to offer if it is not littered with clutter.

Stick to Neutrals
Crisp, white linens and neutral tones not only give off a cleanly appearance, they are luxurious. When trying to sell a luxury home, it is important that the home’s colors complement the home’s overall vibe.

Make Necessary Updates
Update any finishes or items in the home that are aged. Flooring and appliances are two good places to start. Stainless steel appliances offer up a high-end look and are worth considering if there are currently appliances with different finishes.

Turn Bathrooms Into Spas
When in the market for a luxury home, affluent buyers in Sioux Falls want to feel pampered. Bathrooms should exude elegance and relaxation. Hide any personal toiletries and replace them with nice soaps and plush white towels. If there are water stains on shower doors or stained tiles, these should be replaced before showing a home.

Use Light
Use natural light when you can. Make sure all curtains and blinds are pulled back and utilize the use of mirrors opposite of windows to make rooms seem bigger and brighter than they are. If there is a room that lacks natural light, take advantage of lamps of different sizes. You want a good amount of overhead lighting in addition to task lighting and table lamps.

Have a Purpose
Each room should have a purpose. High-end buyers are not opposed to updating the interior of a home as long as the interior shows potential. If an extra bedroom can easily be turned into a home gym, show the buyer that it is possible to do so. Showcasing a room’s potential can go a long way with luxury home buyers.

When preparing a luxury home for sale in Sioux Falls, it is important to remember the tips above. Every extra step you take increases your chances of attracting more buyers and receiving more offers for your Sioux Falls-based luxury home.

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