How to handle common home inspection issues

January 21, 2019

Part of the home-buying process is undergoing a home inspection before selling or buying a home. Home inspections inform buyers about various problems that the home they are looking to purchase may have and help buyers make informed purchasing decisions. If there are too many repairs that would end up costing the buyer a large amount over the home’s purchasing price, for example, a buyer is able to back out.

In Sioux Falls, home inspections are not required by law, but they are recommended. While the cost of a home inspection is around $400-$500, the amount that you can potentially save by having a prospective home inspected can greatly exceed that amount.

Common Home Inspection Problems
After you have had your Sioux Falls home inspected or are buying a home that has been inspected, the next step is handling the problems that were found during the home inspection. Here are the most commonly found home inspection problems and how to properly handle them:

If your home inspector has found faulty wiring like open junction boxes, no wire nuts on wires, or amperage mismatches, the solution is fairly simple: junction boxes should be fixed and upgraded to at least 100 amps.

Poor Drainage and Grading
Spongy soil surrounding the foundation of your home or basement leaks can become a major problem if left unfixed. The solution is to regrade the area around your foundation so that it slopes away from your house and to remove any porous materials surrounding the foundation of your home.

Gutter Issues
Gutters that are bent or clogged cannot properly channel water away from a house. Make sure that gutters are of an appropriate size and that their splash pans divert any run-off.

Damp Basement
If a basement is damp, has water stains, mold, or mildew, it is important to inspect the area surrounding your home’s foundation. Fixing faulty gutters and the drainage surrounding your home’s foundation should help.

Roof Issues
Curled shingles or flashings that are broken or missing can, over time, lead to a pricey roof repair. Apply new shingles and replace flashings to remedy the issue. If the home’s roof has not been redone in fifteen years, the home may require a full roof replacement.

Poor Overall Upkeep
If walls need repainting, the carpeting is worn, or the driveway is cracked, a minor facelift is all that is needed.

Problematic Plumbing
Drains should be cleaned and, if necessary, rerouted, toilets should be reseated, and any leaks should be repaired if a home inspector cites faulty plumbing.

Poor Ventilation
Attics that are extremely hot can become problematic, especially during the winter months. Ensure that the soffits on the roof are not blocked and have additional roof vents installed.

Home inspections can save a purchaser a lot of time and money in repairs. If you are buying a home in Sioux Falls, it is wise to request a home inspection before agreeing to purchase a home; this way, you can make a well-informed purchasing choice and enjoy all that your new Sioux Falls home has to offer.

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