Our Team

Brianna Painter

Unlicensed Listing Coordinator

(605) 270-0169
Text me: 6052700169

Brianna grew up in small town South Dakota just west of Sioux Falls. Coming to Sioux Falls for school in 2015, she fell in love with the big city, but small town feel. Brianna's sales background eventually brought her to the real estate realm. The biggest joy in what she does is knowing she is giving the buyers/sellers the most accurate and tasteful ways their home can be marketed.

When Brianna isn't in the office, you can usually find her on or at a ball diamond, chasing nieces and nephews, or out being social with friends and family, and/or her boyfriend Winston. Sports are a big part of my family and friends' lives. Packer football and Tarheel basketball have special places in my heart. Jax and Zoe are Winston and her cats, and the not so little fur babies get treated as one would imagine.

SPOILED!! Everyone jokes that they have small mountain lions instead of house cats because of how huge they got to be. Brianna has the biggest support team a young businesswoman could ever hope for. They all may get a little too competitive at times, but they are always pushing each other towards success. She grew up on a farm so she loves to go back and visit her parents and get a fresh steak to bring back to the grill.

Brianna loves to laugh. Her laugh usually gets other people to smile because of how whacky of a cackle it can be at times. Laughing/smiling through life is proven to naturally bring extra positivity to your day, so everyone should laugh a little more in her opinion. Life can feel too programmed to not want joy to carry you through.

Mantra-- 'Lead with Love'